torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Broken Glass!

Our old folks got angry when we broke a glass. They said, it's a badluck! But some says, it's something that one should be thankful for since it catched the bad luck that suppose gonna happen to someone around! And some says, its also a caution that one must be ready cause there's something bad that is going to happen! What ever you believe in, there's a truth on the broken glass;

ONE.    It cannot be fixed. Once it's broken you can no longer put it up back on the way it has been.
TWO.  It can hurt you if you're not watch out or if you try to pick up the small pieces by your bare hands.
THREE. It will become worthless. Even how expensive it might be, once it's broke, it will be of no costs and useless!

It's no use to pick up the small pieces when it's broken like relationships. It will just hurt you. We can no longer fix it into what it has been even how good and precious it has been.

Picking up small talks around you can just hurt you, so let it be and accept. Face a new one and take extra care this time!

"There's no need to cry over spilled Milk". Good day!

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